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I was planning a surprise birthday party for my partner...

and really liked the idea of a cooking lesson with a few good friends with the ultimate goal of sitting down together at the end to enjoy the meal. In reality, the experience was much more than that. Douglas was excellent in coming up with the appropriate menu. He was extremely welcoming into his beautiful home. Everyone in the class (both skilled and novice) walked away with some great learnings, a few new recipes, and a ton of laughs along the way. Each course was outstanding… I think we all hit our “highs” on an absolutely amazing cake at the end. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to sharpen their kitchen skills while having a ton of fun. Jamie D

His classes are high value because of his training, years of experience and small class size.

Home Cooking San Francisco is run by, Bernal Heights resident and culinary talent, Douglas Leach. Classes are kept small (8 max) and he aims to teach folks who don’t cook often or at all how to make delicious meals at home. He thinks that cooking should be fun and getting dinner on table should be within reach for the average non-cook. I took his October class and really enjoyed the process and learned this fantastic new recipe: Chicken braised with Olives, Oranges, Onions and Rosemary. So delicious. And not as difficult as I thought. Just made it again this past weekend. His classes are high value because of his training, years of experience and small class size. For 10 years, he trained with the founders of the French Laundry restaurant, Sally and Don Schmidt, at their Apple Farm Cooking School in Philo, CA. He’s Bernal Heights best kept secret. Shhh!! J M.

We all walked away with insightful learnings.

My wife and I took a cooking class with Douglas last night to celebrate our anniversary. We attended a class that had 6 people; all good friends of ours. Everyone attending had different levels of cooking skills, and all of us walked away with insightful learnings! Douglas taught us everything from essential kitchen tools to own; the importance and techniques of toasting spices; how to stage and time the preparation of an incredible dinner menu; how to prepare and cook restaurant worthy meats, and more! As a group, we were involved in all stages of cooking an incredible meal: pork tenderloin with peppered apples, creamy mashed potatoes, brocolini, green salad, and ginger cake with caramel sauce. With the wine that we all brought, this was an amazing feast!If you are looking to improve your cooking and entertaining skills, one of Douglas’s cooking classes is a must attend! In less than 24 hours, I have spoken to numerous friends about this, and everyone wants to check out his classes now. This is a win-win for everyone; the idea of hosting an incredible dinner party is no longer an intimidating thought — Douglas, you will be seeing us again! Thanks for a great class. Ken C.

He taught us so many amazing recipes, and we can't wait to recreate them.

I arranged I private cooking class with Douglas for my fiance’s birthday as a surprise. Three of our couple friends joined us, and the night couldn’t have been any better! From the planning of the menu to saying goodbye, it was a pleasure to work with Doug! He proposed a Mediterranean menu, and when I told him two people in our group are vegetarians, he could not have been more accommodating. He substituted the chicken for tofu, and made sure the vegetarians had their own sauce, ect. We ended up arriving at his house 30 minutes late for the night, and yet he greeted us into his home so warmly. From introducing the menu to plating the food, we could not have had a better experience. He taught us so many amazing recipes, and we can’t wait to recreate them while they are still fresh in our heads. In addition, he printed out menus with ingredients and instructions for each of the eight of us, gave us each a packet of a spice blend we used that night, and he even surprised us with a bottle of champagne for my fiance’s birthday. We all enjoyed eating the meal as a group, and enjoyed the wine we had brought to compliment the food. My fiance gave me the best compliment- he told me I truly thought outside the box for his birthday- and it wouldn’t have been possible without Douglas. I highly recommend attending any of his future classes as a couple, or organizing a private group class with friends. We can’t wait to enjoy another one of his classes in the future! Ashley P.

It was an all around wonderful evening.

My husband and I just took a cooking class with Douglas last weekend. It was an all around wonderful evening. We often find ourselves stuck in ruts when it comes to navigating our kitchen and fixing ourselves meals. Douglas really taught us so many of the basics of cooking, from the shopping and preparation to the final touches in a fun atmosphere. I don’t want to give away the most valuable tips he gave, as I think you all should sign up for his class. But suffice it to say that we felt more knowledgeable, inspired and satiated by the delicious meal we all made that night. Douglas and his partner Scott were gracious hosts, making us all feel comfortable in their lovely Bernal Heights home. It was a fantastic night out, and a refreshing change from a night out at a restaurant. And no more TJ’s prepackaged foods for us, at least for awhile. We’re definitely ready to be creative and enjoy cooking nice meals with fresh ingredients again. Mollie M.