Let’s get dinner on the table!

Douglas has been putting dinner on the table at home almost every night for over 30 years and has a passion for food. His career began at age 15 in the local KFC. He moved up in the world, became a bus boy and then dishwasher in a buffet restaurant. He graduated to waiter, and finally entered the kitchen, working his way up through the ranks until he was cooking full time at fine restaurants in Maine. His career led him from cooking in a French restaurant preparing classic meals with multiple courses to an organic restaurant where he came in every day to grind the wheat to make flour for the daily bread.  After a detour to become a Shakespearean actor and television producer Douglas returned to his first and deepest love, cooking.

In 1999 Douglas began studying with the founders of the French Laundry restaurant, Sally and Don Schmidt at their Apple Farm Cooking School in Philo, CA, and for the next ten years made annual pilgrimages to learn the art of getting dinner on the table.

Home Cooking San Francisco allows Douglas to combine his love of teaching with his love of food. Since 2008, Douglas has focused on home cooking, crafting elaborate multi-course meals for friends and offering classes that are fun, educational and most of all, good to eat.

Douglas continues to travel in Southern Europe to find new ideas and explore the culinary traditions that mix well with California style cooking.